Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Fresh Foods and Tender Greens

I love fresh and simple foods.  One of my favorite places to get fresh, quick grub is a restaurant called Tender Greens.  I got to share it with my parents tonight, and they LOVED it.  My parents are creatures of habit... they don't prefer to eat non-Asian foods, so it is pretty fantastic when I take them to a "Western" restaurant that blows them away.

I wasn't aware that Tender Greens closes their doors at 9PM on weekdays!  We snuck in as the LAST customers as they were closing their doors!  Anyway, the reason why I'm writing about Tender Greens is because of their commitment to fresh and local foods and ingredients.  My dad was in awe of the display of veggies and meats as we approached the front of the line.  He just kept repeating "everything looks SO fresh, I wish we had one of these at home!" 

                                                                                Photo credit Tender Greens

As a girl born and raised in Boston, farmer's markets and year round, locally grown foods were not something I was familiar with, nor were they something I was overly concerned with.  Only after living in California for several years, and after becoming more environmentally conscious did I start to truly appreciate the value of fresh and local fare.  Now, I can really TASTE the freshness, as if my tastebuds have matured and can really discern the difference between farmer's market veggies and those from my SUPER market.

After these few weeks of decadence and eating out, I'm trying to go back to cooking and eating more wholesome foods.  For now, that means eating less packaged or processed foods.  Even if I'm baking desserts, that's better than eating whatever is out there from the store.  I've been inspired too by the Whole Gang's 30 days to a Food Revolution.  In the hectic world we're living in, it's hard to stay disciplined with health, but our bodies sure do thank us for it when we can be more disciplined.  I feel like my tummy's been letting out a HUGE sigh of relief the past week, since I've been getting back into my "salad for lunch" groove.

What is everyone else doing these days to stay healthy?  Any inspired recipe ideas?

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