Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Here I am! Grungry at the WORLD!

I love spring in Los Angeles!!!... it's beautiful and green here after a few days of much needed rain. The smog has cleared and made way for a bright, BLUE SKY! 

Anyhow, welcome!  I'm Angela, and I love my food, ALL OF IT.  I especially LOVED my carbs, up until 4 short years ago, when I was diagnosed with Gluten Intolerance.  I was devastated at the discovery of my illness, more for the loss of cookies and beer in my life than anything else.  For some time, I was in denial, thinking that "cutting down" on my cookie and beer intake would be sufficient...  until I met the man who helped me to love a gluten free lifestyle, and even more importantly, taught me to COOK!  My kitchen was once a bewildering place, where only fried egg and cheese sandwiches were ever made... but over the past few years, I've had an amazing journey with my man and my kitchen to discover all that's possible + delicious in a gluten free diet!

Join me as we dine in, dine out, and explore the world of food.  I'm GRUNGRY, Let's Eat!...

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