Saturday, June 26, 2010

Korean Barbeque + World Cup Madness!: Road to Seoul!

Koreans are feeling the pride in LA!  With the World Cup underway, I can feel Korean pride in full effect... from game viewings at the Staples center and Koreatown Galleria to Korea T-shirts and Jerseys being sported all over town.  It's been great to be a fellow Asian in this proud City.

check it out- my buddy Di in S. Africa sporting Korea gear!

In commemoration of all the exciting events, we organized a big ol' night of all you can eat Korean BBQ at Road to Seoul on Western Ave.  OMG, was it fantastic!  I've been to my fair share of all you can eat K BBQ places in LA, and was thoroughly impressed by the service and the quality of meat at Road to Seoul.  We had a party of 20 people, and they kept the food and drink coming just as quickly as we could order.  It was REALLY SATISFYING after my mystery stomach bug this week.

Anyway, what would a night be in Koreatown w/o some karaoke?  We ended the night in style at Feel karaoke, which was probably the nicest karaoke place I've ever been.  There were plush couches that wrapped the space, and a huge "dance floor area" at the center of the room. 

It was a grand time.  Woohoo Korea!  Thanks for giving us a reason to celebrate!  and HAPPY WEEKEND!

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