Thursday, July 8, 2010

Providence Restaurant- A Michelin Starred Anniversary Dinner!

So, a couple of friends were in town from Hong Kong, who just so happen to love food as much as we do.  We decided to bring them to the restaurant Providence, which we've heard oh, so much about.  It's one of the only restaurants in Los Angeles with Michelin stars (2 stars actually)... and the Chef Michael Cimarusti has received much praise for his work.  Recently, he was featured in Bon Appetit as a "leader of the newest generation of chefs".  Gah, my mouth is watering just thinking about it again.

Us, in front of the restaurant

We were there for our anniversary, and it was Providence's anniversary month as well!  So, we ordered the 5 course tasting menu, which was on special for $65 just for the month of June (it's usually $85, and a little too steep for a non-special occasion meal).

Ok, now before I continue, I want to note that I was EXTREMELY impressed by the attentiveness to my gluten intolerance.  I only needed to say it once, and everything that came to the table for me was served on a slightly different platter or with a varying garnish from the rest, to indicate that though my food looked the same, it had been modified for me.  I've never before been so relieved and astounded at the amount of thought that was put into the gluten free modifications.  Everything was ON POINT.  For once, I didn't feel like I was being served something of an afterthought... or a red headed step child of the intended dish.  Needless to say, I was SO PLEASED with the entire meal.

Shall we start with the amuse bouche?:

Roe w/ Cream Fraiche, topped with gold leaf
Left- Margarita "Bubble", Right- the roe and cream fraiche concoction

Even the amuse bouche was beautifully, though simply presented.  My favorite part of it was on the right, with the crispy rice, topped with a dallop of cream fraiche and roe.  The layering of the elements was perfect, and it was just the right size for the amount of flavor it packed.

My first course- Kanpachi sashimi served atop a tomato salsa, w/ dill

First Course w/ Gluten- Kanpachi sashimi w/ a soy cream fraiche

My favorite dish- A Seared scallop servcd w/ rhubarb, carrot, pepper & a light curry sauce

Halibut w/ raisins and olives served atop an olive tapenade

And another angle-  SO delicious

Foie Gras Saute served with a cherry puree, cherry & foie gras powder!

Veal tenderrrrrloinnn served w/ purslane and delectable mushrooms

The gluten dessert... Yuzu curd, Meringue and Blackberry Sorbet

We are almost at the finale of this amazingly decadent photo food tour.  The meal was phenomenal, and it stretched my imagination in all kinds of ways with the layered complexity of each dish.  I never would have thought to use a succulent to bring freshness to a red meat dish, for example.  Every dish had an extra special zing to it... a surprise element that kind of challenged the taste buds (and the cook's mind).  I was so happy to have had the privilege of eating such a spectacular meal.

So now, I'll present you with the dessert that pleasantly surprised me.  I am a huge chocolate and SWEETS fan for the most part.  And this dessert was more of a balance between sweet and savory, dancing that fine line that most Asian desserts do.  I thought that it was truly the perfect balance though.  It was one of those moments where the underdog really blew my mind (see above for the gluten dessert).  Anyway, if you haven't had the chance yet... GO TO PROVIDENCE!

And my amazing dessert- Brulee'd bananas, served atop a thai basil and coconut infused tapioca bed

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  1. I'm almost drooling scrolling through these photos! In The Purple Passport review, the special attentiveness of the staff is pointed out, but I'm glad to learn that they pay particular attention to food allergies! And $65 for the 5-course meal there (esp. judging from your photos) seems like such a good steal. Love that Providence staff is always on point with their food and drink recommendations also.

    The creativity & talent for making things taste extraordinary of some of these chefs never ceases to amaze;)


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