Thursday, September 9, 2010

Katz Gluten Free- Challah for some Holla! (Or Vice Versa)

While it's still Rosh Hashanah, I wanted to send a shout out and a HUGE thank you to Katz Gluten Free!  Check out that link for some DELICIOUS, Gluten Free Challah rolls. 

I had the fine fortune of sampling some amazing goodies from Katz Gluten Free recently.  My ABSOLUTE favorite type of bread growing up was Challah bread... specifically, the braided egg bread from Diamond Bakery in Newton, MA.  I was the only one in the house that craved challah, so I would have to be VERY convincing (and very good at home) in order to persuade my mom into driving me to Diamond Bakery to pick up a loaf.  Once we got there, I would peruse the bakery, scrutinizing every baked item on the shelf.  And once in a while, my mom would let me leave with a box full of goodies ranging from chocolate rugelech to black and white cookies to hamantascen along with the loaf of challah.
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When I received my package from Katz, I was suddenly brought back to those moments with my mom in the bakery.  I was ECSTATIC!  Challah and rugelech were some of the very things I thought I would never eat again after becoming gluten free.  I literally HUGGED my loaf of challah when it arrived from New York.  I felt like I'd hit the jackpot. 

For the two weeks following the arrival of the challah, I savored it... I ate it as a toasted PB+J, every morning.  Then, sometimes I would come home after work, and thaw a piece to eat alone.  The bread was perfect, just how I remembered challah... fluffy, light, sweetly flavored.  The top glistened perfectly, and became a thin crispy crust when toasted, that flaked off in my mouth as I bit into it. 
Me and my rich, little buttery rugelech!

I love this challah, and highly recommend it as a substitute for your table over this Rosh Hashanah!  If you have gluten free relatives coming to dinner, this is an amazing option.  I think this recipe has been perfected, and I really commend Katz Gluten Free for their tasty baked goods!

More to come, as I try the rest of the treats! 

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