Saturday, December 11, 2010

Gluten Free Gingerbread Houses!!!

Call me a kid, but I can't help but get a tinge... a HUGE TINGE of nostalgia everytime I see my little niece's gingerbread house.  I think back to going over to friends houses in grade school each winter to erect and decorate those lovely little houses with frosting and gum drops.  Holidays always bring my thoughts back to those carefree days before being gluten-free. 

Then, I realize, that there are lots of kiddies out there who haven't been able to enjoy those moments at all up till this point.  For those kids, A + J Bakery, a nut-free and gluten free bakery of Rhode Island is making their Christmas wishes come true this year!  They've introduced their allergen free gingerbread house kit, which is available to ship nationwide!
photo credit: Flickr user wendycopley

It's GORGEOUS, and allows all kids the joys of Christmas that the rest of us remember.  =)

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