Thursday, April 14, 2011

Oh the Wedding Diet! Creating more energy for LIFE!

Lately, with so much on the mind... I've been posting a lot more on the go on my account.  Check it out sometime!!!

So, I know you've missed me here.  =)  Here are some images of what I've been eating the past few weeks:
CA Health + Longevity Institute Cooking Class- 4 soups!
Simple Home Cookin'- Grilled Salmon Salad w/ egg= Japanese B'fast for two!
Steamed talapia w/ sweet chili sauce + Steamed kale
Tamari based salmon teriyaki w/ steamed broccoli and quinoa
Can't forget dessert! @enjoycupcakes lemon gluten freeeee + a cutie!
Ok, so this bride has some tricks up her sleeve.  I downloaded the "My Fitness Pal" app on my iphone... and I am shooting to get healthy not just for the wedding, but for LIFE!  It's not about weight loss or anything like that for me.  It's for the reward of having more energy each day. 

Happy Spring!

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