Sunday, July 11, 2010

Cinnamon Rolls- Gluten Free Goodies from Mariposa Bakery in SF

Nothing smells better in the morning than hot coffee and cinnamon rolls!  I miss the days of coming down the stairs to the smell of Pillsbury cinnamon rolls wafting up through the house.  Those were the days...  5 kids in the house, and mom making breakfast on a Sunday morning.

Photo credit: Mariposa Bakery

I don't know that I would love Pillsbury's as much as I once did.  But, I do know that I LOVE Mariposa Bakery's cinnamon rolls today just as much as I loved other cinnamon rolls growing up.  I have to thank the lovely B from Corque for introducing me to these bad boys.  Both times she's been up to the Bay area recently, she's stopped by Mariposa Bakery in the Ferry building to pick me up some goodies.

These little babies have a perfect crust that just is a little crunchy on top (exactly how I like it), and so ooey and gooey at the center.  They are not overly sweet, though they fill the apartment with the same cinnamon-y fullness that the buns of my childhood did.  Even after being frozen and defrosted in the toaster oven, the taste and consistency of the sweet, dripping icing is still intact.  On this fine Sunday Morning, these were the perfect pick-me-up.  I MAY have even dunked a little strand in my latte.  =)

The Mariposa cinnamon buns are both dairy free and gluten free, and are made from all natural ingredients.  If you didn't know, the Ferry Building in San Francisco has turned into a small haven of lovely gluten free treats.  I haven't been back up north in quite a few months, but I've heard much about the new additions to this building and area.  Check out this post, by G-free Goodie.  San Francisco is constantly taunting me with its great food and never ending imaginative additions. 

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  1. I think I would enjoy eating these too! So glad you liked them! Pick them up when you go to SF next trip.


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