Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Join the Food Revolution! Sign the petition for Christmas!!!

Each Christmas, we all join our families in holiday cheer and eat and drink to our hearts content.  But, at times like this, we should also reach out to those in need of better options.  Today's post is about Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution. 

I support Chef Oliver's goals of educating America's families and children about staying health conscious and reducing the risk of obesity induced illnesses.  With life moving at a 1000 miles per hour in the States, we are all urged to take a step back, and take care of ourselves and communities.  I think this is an appropriate holiday message. 

Here's a link to the Food Revolution toolkit, so each of us can do our part in the community.


  1. hi angels, chef louise... love your site, font-color-everything. happy new year... don't forget to make your way to ocbites on facebook so we can stay in touch for next year ...

  2. Hi Louise! Thanks for visiting again! I'd love to stay in touch during the coming year. Happy new year + thanks again for following. You're work is beautiful and inspirational.


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