Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Years Resolution - PATH: Feeding and Housing the Community

For my thesis in architecture school, I designed a transitional housing facility and directed my research focused on the homeless population in Los Angeles.  After spending years at a University with a campus surrounded by a lower income population, I decided to learn more about this community that we were surrounded by.  For as much as the university has improved the real estate of the surrounding area, there was not as much community outreach as I would have expected or imagined.  While conducting my research, a particular organization held my attention and became something of a model for my thesis project. 

This organization is called PATH: People Assisting the Homeless in Los Angeles.  PATH is not only a housing shelter for families and individuals who find themselves without homes, but also has a full scale employment center with other supportive services for those in need.  Their mission is important in a City with more homeless persons per capita than any other City in the Nation. 

Their fundraising campaign is called the Imaginary Feast... and is a no frills way to contribute directly to the organization rather than paying hundreds of dollars for a seat at a fancy fundraiser dinner. 

As a start to the new year, I think this is a great way to give back!  HAPPY NEW YEAR!  Please consider giving to those in need in your community.  It's a great gift in these tough times.

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